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How does DIBS AI figure out where to place brackets?

DIBS AI features a Predictive Outcome model of your patient that uses your bracket and wire preferences to accurately forecast bracket placement. When it comes to bracket heights, that is only the beginning! Click HERE to see a training video on how we measure bracket heights and incorporate those measurements into changes in torque, bite adjustment, etc. to get more accurate placement.

Why does DIBS AI charge fees upon Case Submission instead of Approval?

DIBS AI begins work right after you submit both your Rx as well as scans. We now the faster we process the case for you, the quicker is available for your doctor to Approve. This is one of the ways we are the only digital bonding solution in the world with a 3 to 5-day turnaround time!

What does the Initial Setup look like when a doctor receives it for Approval?

After submitting cases, we run the AI and human lab tech’s check to make any final adjustments. A doctor receives an “Initial Setup” that has brackets placed on both a pretreatment as well as predicted outcome model, and the Predicted Outcome has the Anteriors Leveled, Posterior Marginal Ridges Aligned, and in a Class 1 bite (or as close as possible). Here is a picture…and here is a video on how to do a basic Approval.

Can I Cancel a Case after it is Submitted?

Yes. You can cancel 1 case per 30-day period for free…even if we have done work on it!


Click the button below to access the Resource Library for training videos and documents in the onboarding proccess of DIBS AI.

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