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Allan Rowan

Lab Team Lead

I’m from Keota, Oklahoma. I started at OrthoSelect in August 2018. My hobbies/interests involve my girl, my dog, improving myself, gettin’ money, motorcycles, music, anything outdoors like camping, hammocking, goin’ up the canyon/mountains, and meditating, basketball, mostly any type of games/sports, hangin’ out with friends, and most importantly being happy. A fun fact about me is I have the rarest hair and eye color combination on the planet which is red hair and blue eyes under 0.9% of the population. I also have a cool accent from what I’ve been told. My life motto is PLP.

Peace, Love, and Positivity.


6/22/22 – “That guy Allan is pretty chill” – Anonymous

7/6/2022 – “Allan, or should I say “The Southern Gangster” is the most skilled guy on our team. I’d say the fox is a pretty chill guy. I’m a big fan!” – Mitch Stephenson