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What adhesives are best if there are debonds?

The following are our recommended adhesives. We also have 2 Procedural Recommendations.

Recommended Adhesives:

  • Transbond XT (3M)
  • LCR (Reliance)
  • Goto (Reliance)
  • Brace Paste (AO)
  • Connect (GC)

Procedurally, we recommend the following:

  1. When applying adhesive, be sure to “butter in” the adhesive into the mesh of the bracket base. Most bond failures are between the mesh and adhesive.
  2. If #1 above doesn’t work 100% – then you can also place a small amount of Primer on the bracket base before applying adhesive. Be careful to apply only a small amount to prevent running. Also, you should light cure the Primer before applying Adhesive!

Why are my trays sticking and tearing?

Primer sticks to everything…including trays!

Don’t slather Primer on the teeth and especially stay away from the mesial/distal spaces.

Place the primer on the main area of the tooth where the bracket will be placed, you won’t have this problem.

Can I reuse trays for debonds?

Absolutely! Done correctly, you can remove the trays, store them and section them in the future for debonds as they occur. Simply use a knife, blade, or scissors to cut the tooth needed.

There are scenarios where a single jig will no longer fit that tooth…but those are rare!

How do I reduce flash?

Follow our suggested procedures in your Clinical Training Guide. Those techniques will help you reduce flash.


DIBS AI patented tray design allows for flash to be removed gingivally before curing. Any flash remaining typically is on the incisal edge as the bracket slide over the tooth. A quick burr will do the clean up job when that happens!

Indirect Bonding always includes a bit of flash, but you can certainly reduce it!