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Tips & Tricks


Do I really have to click this many times to move teeth or brackets?


Simply click and hold down your mouse button, and the software will multi-click for you to quickly make adjustments…without giving you carpal tunnel syndrome!

What Do I Do if a bracket is not connected to a tooth in digital planning?

How do i easily rotate the model on a flat plane?

Take your mouse and Left-Click on below the Animate and Switch buttons on the bottom of your screen. Click and Drage and you can pivot the model easily on a plane!

How do i easily move to the next tooth or arch?

Simply click the Tab key to go to the next tooth…or Shift-Tab to go back a tooth!

How do i center on the active tooth?

Press the magic Space Bar! This will center the model on the tooth you have selected and let you rotate the model around that point.

How do i mix & match brackets?