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Save time!

Shorten bonding appointments and reduce bracket repositioning
and wire bending.



Accurate bracket placement!

Utilize 30+ software algorithms, predictive modeling, and hyper-accurate 3D printing for precise bracket placement.



Improved patient experience!

Patients spend less time in the chair and complete their treatment faster using DIBS AI.

OrthoSelect Product Lines

Using our integrated software and hardware platform for indirect bonding, get ready to spend less than 15 minutes doing a case setup and less than 30 minutes during the initial bonding appointment.

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Streamline your digital or 3D printed study model process with the fastest turnaround time and the lowest price.

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Digitally designed, 3D printed, and precision fitted customized splints for your patients resulting in little to no adjustment time.

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DIBS AI is an integrated software & hardware solution providing automated case setups through advanced bracket-positioning software. The ultra precise bracket placement is an innovation in digital indirect bonding from OrthoSelect - a company with over 15 years experience in digital orthodontics. DIBS AI’s use of advanced, patent-pending software along with the latest in 3D-printing technology (and 3D print resins), creates micron level precision in indirect bonding / bracket transfer trays.

Throughout the years digital study models have gone by many different names; orthodontic models, orthodontic study models, orthodontic casts, dental study models, dental casts, dental models, digital models, study models, and dental stone casts. Whatever name you may call them, OrthoSelect has been fabricating these casts since 2004. Whether through an alginate impression or intraoral scans, let us help you streamline your digital or 3D printed study model process.

Digitally designed, 3D printed, and precision fitted. Let us do the heavy lifting through the use of software and 3D printing to make your splint appointments a cinch.

What Your Colleagues Say About OrthoSelect

DIBS has been a great addition to our office! It has cut treatment time by a third, and the accuracy of bracket placement has been the best part of this system.

Dr. RJ JacksonCustomer since 2016

These 3D printed night guards are simply amazing. The accuracy of the digital design allows delivery appointments to be insanely quick and patients appreciate the comfortable fit. I rarely need to make any initial adjustments to the device and very few on follow up visits. This lab is quick, responsive and easy to work with. Their customer service is the best in the industry.

Dr. Brian HolmanCustomer since 2017

The DIBS software is a practice ‘must-have’ for me. Clinically, we get to the finishing stages faster, marginal ridge discrepancies are virtually non-existent, root parallelism is excellent! Customer service is great. Product is fantastic.

Dr. Laura BonnerCustomer since 2018

OrthoSelect splints are great. They are durable and fit well - I rarely have to make any adjustments. But let me tell you about a time when things did not work so well—at least not at first: I had a problem with a splint OrthoSelect created for me. My patient’s overbite was causing problems and adjustments just wouldn't be enough to solve the issue. I was impressed when I called OrthoSelect, and I quickly had a person on the phone who helped identify what needed to change to fit the needs of the patient. They printed it and sent a splint that worked perfectly for that case. Yes, their products are great...but I would argue their service and support are even better!

Dr. Abhijit GuneCustomer since 2019

DIBS has transformed my practice. Our first DIBS indirect bonding case went perfectly with no bond failures. We finished the 45-minute appointment in 20 minutes. We now use DIBS for virtually all of our bonding appointments. We have been using DIBS from OrthoSelect for over 5 years, and they have been extremely helpful with any question or suggestions that we have had. Not a day goes by when I am not extremely thankful for the enhanced patient experience that DIBS provides to our practice.

Dr. Brendan M. CooneyCustomer since 2016

I delivered my first Owen Tripod splint last week. It was great. Only 4 minutes to adjust. I actually was concerned there may have been something I was doing wrong because I barely had to touch it! The patient has been wearing the splint for a week and is feeling better already. I'm actually excited for another TMD case now.

Dr. Christopher PelusoCustomer since 2019

An overall great experience with the DIBS software and their 3D printed transfer trays. I had a sneak peek of the new DIBS AI software and believe it will be a true game changer!

Dr. Jeremy S. ManueleCustomer since 2017

With DIBS AI, there is virtually zero learning curve, and the braces are placed far more accurately than doing it directly. The entire process can be delegated, so it just takes a few minutes of my time for placement. We save even more time by printing in-house and have never had a tray that didn’t fit.

Dr. David CaggianoCustomer since 2018

We have a very busy practice, so being efficient is critical. Using DIBS AI has been a real time saver for us--not only for shorter bonding appointments, but I can now do most case setups in just a few minutes.

Dr. Ed LinCustomer since 2020

When I use DIBS my repos drop from 6 - 12 per patient to 0 - 3. In my experience I am saving 1 to 3 appointments per patient.

Dr. Dante GonzalesCustomer since 2018

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