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  • Intraoral Scanner Specs

Our system works with any intraoral scanner provided it exports .stl format.

  • Computer Specs

DIBS AI is PC-based. The minimum computer requirements are Windows 10 Professional, i7 or Ryzen 7 chip, 16 GB RAM or higher, graphics card with at least 4 GB of built-in memory. NOTE: Integrated chipsets may reduce performance.

MAC computers can access the software by using Parallels. 

  • Pricing 

$995 – One-time setup and support fee to customize your brackets, preferences, and ongoing training and support for both the doctors and staff. 

$165 – per case ($82.5 per arch)

  • Invoicing Details

There are no contracts to use DIBS AI. Cancel at any time. All fees are clearly outlined in each invoice and emailed monthly prior to charging your method of payment. All accounts are set up on autopay via your choice of either a credit card or an ACH account.

Terms & Conditions


  • The basic computer requirements are Windows 10 Professional, i7 or Ryzen 7 chip, 16 GB RAM or higher, graphics card with at least 4 GB of built-in memory. NOTE: Integrated chipsets may reduce performance.
  • DIBS AI DOES work on Windows Parallels for use on a Mac. It is NOT designed to install on Windows Server OS. The cloud account created during this registration provides the networking and sharing of cases between various computers and users.
  • We acknowledge that DIBS AI isn’t perfect and is constantly improving. As with all software, there will be bugs, limitations, as well as improvements and updates. Please work with us to report issues so we can diagnose and continue to improve.




  • OrthoSelect technicians and staff are well trained, but they are not Orthodontists and are not as familiar with the individual needs of your patients as you are! Therefore, it will be necessary for the doctor to review, possibly adjust, and approve each case prior to printing trays.


  • High-quality intraoral scans are critical. Low-quality scans and/or scans out of occlusion are not usable and cannot be accepted. Please submit both upper and lower arches for each case.
  • Our policy is that no more than 60 days can pass from the time you take the intraoral scans to the time you bond. If you have a younger patient with mixed dentition and/or teeth still erupting, then no more than 21 days (3 weeks) should pass before bonding.
  • Do not place bands or appliances on teeth, or extract teeth after taking the intraoral scans. Trays will not fit with these changes and/or the brackets will not bond in the correct position.

Submitting a Case

  • Please submit the intraoral scans before or at the same time as you submit the patient Rx form. Once both the intraoral scans AND the patient Rx form are received, the case is considered ‘received,’ and we can start processing.
  • Please do not type in “per usual” anywhere on the Rx form. Such cases cannot be accepted.

OrthoSelect Lab Printing & Shipping

  • Trays printed in our lab are ready in under 24 business hours. Total turnaround time is determined by how long it takes for the doctor’s approval, as well as the chosen shipping method to your office.
  • Our default method is to section each tray in thirds (5-5 + 6&7s). This configuration results in easier tray removal. However, you can choose to section in any way you desire in the software.
  • Printed IDB trays are bundled and shipped together if your cases are completed on the same day. Logistically, we cannot hold cases longer than 8 hours before shipping.
  • You can cancel a case any time prior to OrthoSelect completing the Initial Case Setup without a charge. If a cancellation is needed after the work has been performed, we will credit the first such case each month, but charge for any subsequent cases that are not canceled before work is initiated.




(skip if NOT printing in-office)

  • During Onboarding, OrthoSelect will 3D print your cases to give you time and experience printing indirect bonding trays. Please, DO NOT underestimate the difficulty of consistently producing indirect bonding trays – usually, it takes multiple attempts to get this process correct!
  • OrthoSelect will share best practices for various printers, resins, and curing machines that we have validated, as well as provide support for clean-up and post-processing techniques. However, because we are not the manufacturers of these printers and other devices, if you need technical support or troubleshooting help beyond our capabilities, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly. 
  • You are responsible to verify correct post-processing methods and that proper equipment is used to ensure the printed trays are usable.



  • Current pricing is $995 for a one-time Onboarding Fee, plus $165 per case (two arches) – which includes shipping. Additional shipping fees apply if we ship outside the continental United States.  There is a $35 discount for cases you print yourself. 
  • The Onboarding Fee paid at the end of this registration process covers both the customization of the platform for doctor default bracket set preferences as well as training for both doctors and staff. The Per-Case Fees are paid at the end of each billing cycle as a single charge on your account. Invoices are viewed as “Orders” in your online account as well as emailed to you prior to charging your preferred payment method. 
  • To simplify and improve the clinical experience, we provide bracket insertion complementary to any doctor who prefers the trays to come preloaded. 
  • You have the option of paying your bills through automatic billing via ACH or Credit Card. By using  ACH, you can avoid a small credit card transaction fee.
  • There are no contracts to use DIBS AI. You can cancel anytime. Upon cancellation, you will be charged for any outstanding license or lab fees. Your account will need to be brought to a zero balance due in order to close your account.