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Digitally Designed. 3D Printed. Precision Fitted.

Why OrthoSelect Splints?

Little To No Adjustment Required

We do the work to save you time and effort. Doctors find our splints require little, if any, initial adjustments to achieve a precise, optimal fit for their patients. The customized splint will provide a balance of both a secure and a comfortable wearing experience for your patients.

Digitally Designed

Years of R&D have gone into making our proprietary splint design superior in the industry. We understand the importance of accurate undercut removal and ideal offsets for perfect fit and feel for each patient. We also carefully incorporate digital articulators to ensure a correct bite.

3D Printed

Using a patent-pending, FDA-cleared resin specifically formulated for 3D printing splint appliances, each splint is individually manufactured according to exacting standards. The splint material is unique, providing both strength to protect teeth from grinding and flexibility for enhanced patient comfort.

Fast Turnaround

Most splints orders are fulfilled in our lab within 48 hours. If your patients ever need a replacement splint, a duplicate can be quickly and economically created with the same precise specifications.

Owen Tripod Splint

Customized, two-piece splint using a patented design incorporating three elevations on the mandibular piece to simplify ongoing balancing and make adjustments as easy as possible.

Price: $195

Best for:

  • More involved cases
  • Treating severe bruxism
  • Easy and quick adjustments for patients who require ongoing changes as their cases progress
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Standard Splint

Customized, one-piece splint that provides a snug yet comfortable fit with little, if any, adjustment required.

Price: $119

Best for:

  • Milder cases
  • Patients who prefer a one-piece splint
  • Lower-cost solution
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What Your Colleagues Say About OrthoSelect Splints

These 3D printed night guards are simply amazing. The accuracy of the digital design allows delivery appointments to be insanely quick and patients appreciate the comfortable fit. I rarely need to make any initial adjustments to the device and very few on follow up visits. This lab is quick, responsive and easy to work with. Their customer service is the best in the industry.

Dr. Brian Holman, DDSHolman Orthodontics - Salt Lake City, UT

OrthoSelect splints are great. They are durable and fit well - I rarely have to make any adjustments. But let me tell you about a time when things did not work so well—at least not at first: I had a problem with a splint OrthoSelect created for me. My patient’s overbite was causing problems and adjustments just wouldn't be enough to solve the issue. I was impressed when I called OrthoSelect, and I quickly had a person on the phone who helped identify what needed to change to fit the needs of the patient. They printed it and sent a splint that worked perfectly for that case. Yes, their products are great...but I would argue their service and support are even better!

Dr. Abhijit Gune, DDSSierra Orthodontics - Sonora, CA

I delivered my first Owen Tripod splint last week. It was great. Only 4 minutes to adjust. I actually was concerned there may have been something I was doing wrong because I barely had to touch it! The patient has been wearing the splint for a week and is feeling better already. I'm actually excited for another TMD case now.

Dr. Christopher Peluso, DMDPeluso Orthodontics - North Attleboro, MA


Save time and gain efficiency with OrthoSelect’s indirect bonding software and hardware platform.

Study Models

Streamline your process for digital and 3D printed study models with OrthoSelect.