Precision Bracket Placement

Precision Bracket Placement



We’ve cracked the code for making digital indirect bonding efficient & hassle-free!


Here’s How:

1. Submit Your Case

Case submissions typically take 2 minutes or less!

Submit your case through your scanner software (any intraoral scanner, as long as it provides an .STL file in occlusion) OR you can upload your .STL files directly to your DIBS AI online dashboard.

Track and monitor the progress of your submitted cases from your DIBS AI online dashboard.

2. Initial Case Setup

AI Algorithms perform the majority of the Initial Case Setup automatically. After a quality assurance check by an OrthoSelect Technician, a notification email is sent for Case Approval.

Cases are guaranteed to be ready for Approval in under 12 hours.

3. Approve the Case

 Case Approvals typically take 10 minutes or less!

The video below shows the power and speed of the DIBS AI system in a typical case. More complex scenarios are available in the Feature Control section of this website.

4. 3D Print Trays

OrthoSelect Printing (Recommended):

The time that you submit your case to the time you receive your DIBS Trays in the mail is 3 DAYS! – Expedited shipping and bracket insertion are complimentary.

In-Office Printing:

There is a $25 discount per case if you want to handle printing yourself. 3D printing indirect bonding trays requires more process discipline. We provide best-practice guides to help make it easier. This video below shows the in-office printing process:

5. Bond Your Patient

Instead of a grueling 60 to 90-minute appointment, your patient’s mouth should be open for 10 minutes or less.

How much chair time does DIBS AI usually require? 30 minutes is common for the total appointment.



You read that right! 3 Days. Nothing complicated about it. Simply submit the case via your online DIBS AI Dashboard, click the link to review and Approve the case, and receive the trays in your office 3 days later!


Advanced AI allows DIBS Ai to marry the flexibility demanded by doctors with the simplicity and automation needed to make indirect bonding cost-efficient. Doctors have long done IDB for superior treatment outcomes…with DIBS AI it also makes financial sense!


DIBS AI accepts all bracket types and brands and is the only software that delivers that level of flexibility. Go ahead and mix & match any bracket of any brand on any tooth – quickly and easily!


DIBS AI’s focus on simplicity and automation has revolutionized orthodontics! For the first time ever, you can have the bracket placement accuracy of indirect bonding without the hassle and inefficiencies that are so common.


DIBS AI features patented indirect bonding trays that are 3D printed with the latest resin and printer technology. Gone are the days of frustrating debonds or trays that stick, rip, split, tear, or allow brackets to fall out. Superior design with top-of-the-line material results in successful bonding appointments!


Our 3-Day Turnaround Time is impressive, but many still prefer to 3D print in-office. We support those efforts!  We’ll share our guides and lab processes to help you successfully 3D print our trays in-office!

What is Special about DIBS AI?

1. DIBS Ai is the first to simplify digital indirect bonding using up-to-date software technology so you, and your staff, can spend your time more productively!

2. Accurately place brackets within 0.1 mm!

3. Cut initial bonding appointment chair time by 50% and impress your patients!

4. Reduce treatment time by an average of 5 months!

5. Apply advanced technology to automate Class 1 Occlusion adjustments, rapidly create transfer trays, and deliver True Torque Expression for the most accurate predictive modeling in the world!


DIBS has been a great addition to our office! It has cut treatment time by a third, and the accuracy of bracket placement has been the best part of this system.

Dr. RJ JacksonDIBS User Since 2016 - Accurate Bracket Placement & Faster Treatment Time

DIBS has transformed my practice. Our first DIBS® indirect bonding case went perfectly with no bond failures, and we finished the 45-minute appointment in 25 minutes. We now use DIBS® for virtually all our bonding appointments.

Dr. Brendan M. CooneyDIBS User Since 2016 - Faster Bonding Appointments

The DIBS software is a practice ‘must-have’ for me. Clinically, we get to the finishing stages faster, marginal ridge discrepancies are virtually non-existent, root parallelism is excellent! Customer service is great. Product is fantastic.

Dr. Laura BonnerDIBS User Since 2018 - Shorter Treatment Time

An overall great experience with the DIBS software and their 3D printed transfer trays. I had a sneak peek of the new DIBS AI software and believe it will be a true game changer!

Dr. Jeremy S. ManueleDIBS User Since 2017 - Bracket Placement Accuracy

When I use DIBS my repos drop from 6 - 12 per patient to 0 - 3. In my experience I am saving 1 to 3 appointments per patient.

Dr. Dante GonzalesCustomer since 2018 - Fewer Repositions and Reduced Treatment Time



YES! We customize the DIBS AI platform to your bracket preferences – regardless of the brand or type. Self-ligating, twin, ceramic, metal, KLOwen, it doesn’t matter, we accept all of them!

Can i mix & match brackets?

YES! Mix and match your brackets all you want.

We invite you to take advantage of our True Torque Expression predictive outcome to reduce wire bending or to switch out brackets during planning to reduce wire bending/3rd Order Bends later!

how long does it take to approve a case?

Doctors average about 7 minutes per case.  Let us help you be more efficient with your time if you are spending more than 10 minutes on average per case!

Can I move brackets and teeth?

YES! The AI does most of the work, but you supervise and override anything you want to change. The AI isn’t supposed to, and can’t, replace the doctor. But it can do most of the repetitive tasks!

Here is a video example of moving teeth and/or brackets in DIBS AI:

how do i plan extractions, etc.?

How do I get started with DIBS AI?

Click the button on the bottom right of your screen to schedule a personal demo or register for DIBS Ai. The process will ask you for:

  1. Doctor name and email. It will send an email for confirmation.
  2. Click on the confirmation email and then the link to login to your account
  3. Setup your practice details and provide a method of payment for autopay.
  4. Verify and Submit
  5. You will receive a confirmation email following registration with onboarding steps (which is to provide information so we can customize to your bracket preferences!)

How do I print in-office?

After the Onboarding Process, we’ll share guides and best practices for 3D printing DIBS AI trays in-office. Printing IDB trays require more practice than other common items printed by Orthodontists, but you can do it!

Refer to the Resource Library here with the password you received in your welcome packet or call 866-695-3319 for support.

How are brackets automatically placed?

Bracket placement within DIBS Ai by default is based on ABO standards measured from the occlusal plane. This can be overridden with your own presets to allow you a faster bracket placement for Pitts21 brackets, or case types such as severe overbites, etc.

Check out a quick overview of the default automatic bracket placement in this video:

What does training & onboarding look like?

We have an entire team of US-based specialists anxious to make this as quick and easy as possible. Training is provided in videos and guides, but more importantly, we will walk you through your actual cases so you can learn while you get work done!

It is a 4 step process & possible timing:

  1. Customize DIBS Ai to your bracket preferences (First 7 business days)
  2. Do your first Case Submissions (Day 8)
  3. Do you first Case Approvals (Day 8 or 9)
  4. Bond your first Cases (Day 12)

What are the computer requirements?

Currently, DIBS AI is hybrid software technology with a web-based dashboard combined with local installs for heavy graphics and calculations.

The web-based portal (or dashboard) is for submitting cases, viewing case status and history, billing details as well as sharing case details across multiple computers. It acts as the central repository for your cases, accessible from any computer.

The Case Approval (and optionally in-office printing preparation and export) happen locally on a PC or Parallels for MAC users.

Our recommended hardware requirements are:

Windows 10 Pro / i7 or Ryzen 7 with 16 GB RAM and a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). MAC users: Use the newest version of Parallels Desktop available.

Is there a Subscription or Contract to use DIBS AI? How do I Cancel?

There is NO contract. There is NO subscription. You can cancel your account with us at any time.

To cancel, just send us an email and let us know so we don’t continue to reach out to you and your staff to assist you!

We simply ask the favor to give us a chance to remedy anything you felt wasn’t working for you!


Onboarding Fee


This one-time-only fee covers both the customization of the platform with bracket preferences as well as unlimited training for both doctor and staff!

 Price Per Case 


Single arch cases are $75. This fee includes 3 day turnaround time (shipping included in continental U.S.). Bracket insertion is complimentary!

(No Subscriptions, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, Stop Anytime)