What Is DIBS AI?

The patent-pending DIBS AI software automates orthodontic patient case setups, provides predictive outcomes for treatment plans, and uses the latest 3D print technology to create extremely accurate IDB bracket transfer appliances for precise bracket placement.

These advancements free up precious doctor resources by shortening the time required for bonding appointments by a third or more and reducing overall treatment time by decreasing the number of appointments needed for wire bending and unplanned bracket repositioning.

The Digital Indirect Bonding Process

Digital indirect bonding begins with a simple intraoral scan of your patient’s teeth. This scan is uploaded into OrthoSelect’s DIBS AI software where you review and approve the case. Then, the design is sent to an in-office 3D printer or to our lab where it is processed within 24 hours. Once the case is printed, the brackets are loaded and the patient immediately gets indirect bonded braces in a short appointment time.


Mix and match any bracket systems you choose, and DIBS AI not only speeds up the bonding process, but also improves overall treatment for better outcomes in a shorter amount of time.


Using more than 30 cutting-edge computer algorithms, the process is more automated than ever and can be run completely in-house for same-day bonding or sent to OrthoSelect for rapid turnaround in 24 hours.


Accurate Bracket Placement

DIBS AI utilizes over 30 software algorithms to provide ideal case setups and then uses predictive modeling and hyper-accurate 3D printing for precise bracket placement through indirect bonding (accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm) using any brackets you choose.

bracket placement strip
Time Savings

Due to the ease and accuracy of our system, doctors find that bonding appointments are shorter, and it significantly reduces the need for bracket repositioning and wire bending throughout the treatment process.

Improved Patient Experience

Patients can spend less time in the chair and complete their treatment faster using DIBS AI. Thanks to the software’s predictive modeling capability, patients can even see their results before beginning treatment.

indirect bonding brackets

How It Works


Step One:

You take intraoral scans of your patient’s teeth.

Step Two:

The initial case setup is completed in the software.

Step Three:

You approve the case in the software resulting in a digital indirect bonding tray.

Step Four:

The case is printed, brackets are loaded, and the patient gets braces!

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DIBS AI has reached the goal of delivering superior patient treatment quality at a price less than the cost of 15 minutes of doctor time.

What Your Colleagues Say About DIBS AI

DIBS has been a great addition to our office! It has cut treatment time by a third, and the accuracy of bracket placement has been the best part of this system.

Dr. RJ JacksonDIBS User Since 2016

DIBS has transformed my practice. Our first DIBS® indirect bonding case went perfectly with no bond failures, and we finished the 45-minute appointment in 25 minutes. We now use DIBS® for virtually all our bonding appointments. Not a day goes by when I am not extremely thankful for the enhanced patient experience.

Dr. Brendan M. CooneyDIBS User Since 2016

The DIBS software is a practice ‘must-have’ for me. Clinically, we get to the finishing stages faster, marginal ridge discrepancies are virtually non-existent, root parallelism is excellent! Customer service is great. Product is fantastic.

Dr. Laura BonnerDIBS User Since 2018

An overall great experience with the DIBS software and their 3D printed transfer trays. I had a sneak peek of the new DIBS AI software and believe it will be a true game changer!

Dr. Jeremy S. ManueleDIBS User Since 2017

When I use DIBS my repos drop from 6 - 12 per patient to 0 - 3. In my experience I am saving 1 to 3 appointments per patient.

Dr. Dante GonzalesCustomer since 2018

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DIBS AI is the trusted software for accurate placement, time savings, and increased patient satisfaction of 100+ orthodontists worldwide.

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