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7/21/22 – Spencer Jackson  – “I’ve never met someone so friendly and sassy at the same time. Spencer makes work so fun and enjoyable. He is always happy to see everyone. He always has a ton of work to do but is willing to drop everything to help someone else.” – Whitney Frei

7/21/22 – Spencer Jackson – “Spencer’s hair is like the sunset on rows of and rows of sweet harvest potatoes.” -Anthony Askee

7/21/22 – Spencer Jackson – “Kudos to Spencer J for shipping out all these trays. He does an amazing job!” -Stephanie Altice

7/21/22 – Spencer Jackson – “Spencer is a master shipper!” -Anonymous

7/19/22 – Wilhelmina Rodas – “Amazing! Great wife! 10/10!” – Antonio Rodas

7/19/22 – Spencer Jackson – “One of the nicest people around. Hardworking, diligent, kind, and most of all, a badd little box boi.” -Antonio Rodas

7/15/22 – Angie Gardner – “Angie organized and cleaned up the storage closet in the models room. It’s been a mess for a long time and she took the time to clean up something no one had time to.
Models team is very grateful!” – Austin Huff

7/13/22 – Brittany Carlisle – “Brittany is the hardest worker out there! Glad she makes sure all the fun activities happen! The fastest speed walker out there that can get from dibs side to models side real quick-like!” -Anonymous

7/13/22 – David Lindsey – “The ultimate chocolate milk guzzler!!” – Anonymous

7/13/22 – David Lindsey – “Cool guy 😎 10/10 would recommend.” -Anonymous

7/12/22 – Mitch Stephenson  – “Mitch, or should I say “Top Gun Chief Justice Sheriff Stephenson”, is the coolest supervisor out there! Always makes sure things get done. Shoe game always 🔥.
Pretty chill kinda guy.” – Allan Rowan

7/12/22 – Austin Huff – “Austin is my right hand man. Couldn’t do my job without him. The Darth Vader to my Sidious. Honestly the life of the party 🎉” – Mitch Stephenson

7/6/22 – Daniel Aguilar  – “Always upbeat and happy, and makes everyone feel welcome.” – Austin Huff

6/23/22 – Conway Jensen – “Literally the best attitude here! Super nice and always helpful” – Anonymous

6/23/22 – Justin Kapcsos – “Kudos to Justin! Always easy going, a good attitude and willing to do anything at the drop of a dime!” – Gabryela Reyes

6/22/22 – Braxton Taylor – “Braxton is a super attentive and outgoing trainer, he has been super helpful getting our newbies up to speed. I highly recommend him for an administrative position.” – Anonymous

6/23/22 – Jesse Roberts – “Jesse is an amazing manager, his aura brings calm to the team, it’s a noticeable difference when he’s gone. I hope we have Jesse as a supervisor for as long as possible. We have our very own Jason Statham.” – Anonymous

6/22/22 – Allan Rowan – “That guy Allan is pretty chill” – Anonymous

5/13/22 – Stephanie Altice – “Stephanie A. is awesome at organizing and checking the DIBS email issues, resolving asana tasks and finding scans for scanless cases. If we ever had a remote worker team she’d make a great manager for it!” – Anonymous

5/11/22 – Gabryela Reyes – “Gabby is awesome! Always doing extra when needed. She’s such a positive and fun person to be around.” – Mitch Stephenson