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How do I send scans?

Please call or email our office and we will email the instructions for your records. After sending scans, please make sure to fill out an RX through our website.

Your office did not receive my scans

If we not do not see your scans, you can resend the scans through your scanner software, export the scans, and email them to us, or call your scanner software tech support.

We sent scans to your office, but we don’t see them on our dashboard

The most common reason is, offices send the scans through their scanner software, e.g iTero, but do not fill out an RX through our website. If this is not the case, please email or call and we can further assist you.

My patient’s splint broke and/or cracked

Following the instructions we send with the splint, it can prolong the lifetime of the splint. Although uncommon; these things do happen! If you have had the splint for 1 year or less, we will need photos and if possible, the splint, to look into if it falls under our warranty. If so, we will redesign and send out the new splint. If it’s been over a year, kindly select the ‘Reprint’ option and we will send you a new splint.

If my patient’s splint is too tight/too loose?

We will need you send back the splint; and once we receive it, we will investigate what happened and redesign