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Steven Gardner


Steven is an industry leader with 28 years of experience in orthodontics and has successfully started three orthodontic companies. His largest company, OrthoSelect, LLC was founded in 2004. He transitioned OrthoSelect into a fully digital organization in 2009.

In 2013, Steven began initial software development for the Digital Indirect Bonding System (DIBS) and continues to head the software development team today. During this time, he also led a four-year research and development project exploring the validity of 3D printers and print resins for digital bonding applications. This resulted in dozens of hardware advancements and critical progress in software development. Most recently Steven has launched the all new DIBS AI platform which features 46 unique algorithms to automate, simplify and decrease the time needed for full case setups with ultra precise bracket placement and 3D printed transfer trays.

Steven enjoys time away from work with his wife Deborah and their 4 children. He is an avid mountain climber, summiting all 54 Colorado “Fourteener,” peaks, along with Mt. Kilimanjaro, and several others.