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How do I send scans?

Please call or email our office and we will email the instructions for your records. After sending scans, please make sure to fill out an RX through our website.

Your office did not receive my scans

If we not do not see your scans, you can resend the scans through your scanner software, export the scans, and email them to us, or call your scanner software tech support.

We sent scans to your office, but we don’t see them on our dashboard

The most common reason is, offices send the scans through their scanner software, e.g iTero, but do not fill out an RX through our website. If this is not the case, please email or call and we can further assist you.

I’ve signed up with you, what’s next?

Thank you for making us part of your team! Please keep an eye out for our ‘Welcome to OrthoSelect’ email, including a tracking number for your supplies to send us impressions/stone models, (if you’re not sending us IntraOral scans) information on how to receive the best products possible, our scanner instructions (printable) and a ‘New Doctor Kit.’

Are we required to attach photos when sending scans and/or impressions?

Photos are not required, but we highly recommend including photos to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible throughout our process and to help avoid extra fees.

How do I update a request?

Once a request is submitted, you cannot update the request through your dashboard. Call or email us to update anything related to your account

I would like to delete a case

We understand things happen, simply call or email to delete the patient! Keep in mind, we only charge per stone model or impression received, not per request. If sending an IntraOral scan, we only charge if we receive a request AND scan, not per scan and no request


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