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Precision Bracket Placement

indirect bonding brackets

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What Your Colleagues Say About DIBS AI

DIBS has been a great addition to our office! It has cut treatment time by a third, and the accuracy of bracket placement has been the best part of this system.

Dr. RJ JacksonDIBS User Since 2016

DIBS has transformed my practice. Our first DIBS® indirect bonding case went perfectly with no bond failures, and we finished the 45-minute appointment in 25 minutes. We now use DIBS® for virtually all our bonding appointments. Not a day goes by when I am not extremely thankful for the enhanced patient experience.

Dr. Brendan M. CooneyDIBS User Since 2016

The DIBS software is a practice ‘must-have’ for me. Clinically, we get to the finishing stages faster, marginal ridge discrepancies are virtually non-existent, root parallelism is excellent! Customer service is great. Product is fantastic.

Dr. Laura BonnerDIBS User Since 2018

An overall great experience with the DIBS software and their 3D printed transfer trays. I had a sneak peek of the new DIBS AI software and believe it will be a true game changer!

Dr. Jeremy S. ManueleDIBS User Since 2017

When I use DIBS my repos drop from 6 - 12 per patient to 0 - 3. In my experience I am saving 1 to 3 appointments per patient.

Dr. Dante GonzalesCustomer since 2018