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Nicole Oneal

VP of Operations

Nicole has worked at OrthoSelect for almost 7 years. With over 20 years of experience in operations, Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. She works hard to create a culture and develop her people so that they are empowered to do their best work everyday.

Nicole is great at identifying operational requirements, creating action and implementation plans. She can then coordinate with cross-functional teams towards business goals. Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and public relations skills that create a progressive path to strong relations with counterparts and clients.

She collaborates directly with production, quality, and technical teams to continuously improve processes. Establishes and updates production schedules to meet changing demands. All while maintaining safe work environments and continually pushing for efficiency.

Nicole has been heavily involved in the Utah special needs community as a mother, neighbor, and friend. Her daughter, Brooke, has autism and Tourette’s Syndrome. This has been a challenge that comes with its own rewards. Each lesson learned the hard way can be passed to others many times over, having a great visible effect in the lives of families with similar challenges.